About Us


We are researchers, innovators and rehabilitators on cheap green energy engines. The chief executive officer and chief Technical engineer of this organization is Kato Charles.

We started this organization with an idea of developing a reliable green energy engine which can work in the roughest places with the lowest costs to run it. In this case, we came up with weight formulae (engine). We discovered that weight can produce reliable cheap energy and this is because weight is meaningful with gravity. Here, the force within the weight in transmitted through a fluid to do a piece of work but can not be used up.

Product Formulae(Pressure within weight)


This means that it can be reversed

(Pressure x Area)        = Weight

This formula is expected to be the world’s cheapest to get energy. The more weight, the more energy. This formula is far different from the common

Combustion formula;

Here, the amount of weight input is equal to the energy output. This makes the efficiency of this formula to be approximately 100%.
This formula will be used in all sectors except in rocket engines and this is because no mass loss in this formula. With this formula, energy will almost be free